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Justin Bieber 3D Movie

Justin Bieber 3D Movie - Get Ready For Believe 3D

After the amazing success of his first ever concert 3D movie "Never Say Never" in 2011 that reached a total worldwide sales of about $98 billion on the United States, the famous young pop star Justin Bieber is set to dominate the cinemas again with his second concert movie, "Believe 3D". Beliebers were all shocked last December 1, 2012 when they arrived at the young pop star's concert venue in Toronto, Canada when they saw a sign placed outside saying that the "Believe 3D" is being filmed. During that time, Justin's team has not confirmed anything yet, but definitely it would not come as a very major surprise to everyone.

The next month after, Justin tweeted that he is indeed shooting a movie in Miami and telling all his fans that he needs them live. One of his dancers and best friend confirmed that there is a sequel to the "Never Say Never" project. Since the first movie was all about actual footage of his first concert tour and how he became the most popular and successful young artist now, this second one would probably be the same and maybe with a lot more of surprises in store only for all his fans around the world.

His manager, Scooter Braun, also said that Justin is planning a lot of sequels. He added that Justin wants to put each and every tour he made in his entire career in the theaters, for even just one weekend, so that every kid out there who loves Justin can watch for as low as $10. He also admitted that the concert tickets sell out too fast, which is truly a blessing for them, but Justin and him are conversing about how there are several kids out there who do not have a lot of money, who are not able to go and watch him perform.

Scooter Braun said that this project is more than just giving them the concert and allowing all the young ones all over the world go to the concert together for just one weekend and then go back to their homes, go online and share what they have experienced. Truly, Justin Bieber cares a lot for his fans and maybe that is one of the reasons why he is and even becoming more successful now.

Jon M. Chiu, who is also the Director for "Never Say Never" was also spotted joining Justin on his "Believe" tour. So, most probably, he will also be the one responsible for another top grossing concert documentary film. Even Justin's close friend, Alfredo Flores revealed that the footage that they have done so far was already amazing.

The Believe tour has already started and it is set to end sometime this 2013 and that means the movie is coming out next. So, to all fans of Justin out there, be ready for the next Bieber fever as the pop star invades your theaters again with his new and probably even more fun 3D movie. Fall in love with him and his songs, witness all of his swag when dancing and experience the fever that is Justin Bieber.