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Justin Bieber Facts - What You Need to Know

Justin Bieber Facts

Justin Bieber was just an ordinary Canadian boy but his life made a great change in the year 2008 when his video clips in YouTube was posted by his mom became viral and hit a million views. Now, the little boy back in Canada turned out to become a teen heartthrob, capturing the hearts of many girls all over the world, not only with his good looks but also with his amazing talent in music. This young pop star was born on March 1, 1994 at St. Joseph's Hospital in London, Ontario and was raised alone by his mother. He developed his talents in playing musical instruments such as the drums, piano, trumpet and guitar when he was at a very young age of 2. The funny thing when he learned to play all of these instruments is that he didn't enroll or take any lessons, he just taught himself to play.

When he was 12 years-old, he joined in a local singing competition named Stratford Idol, just for fun and eventually he bagged the second place. This made his mom upload various videos of him singing to YouTube and they successfully gained a lot of attention from millions of viewers online and as of October 2009, Justin rolled up a total of 9 million YouTube channel views. Originally, the purpose of his mom posting videos of him online is for his family and friends could have the chance watch him perform.

His biggest influences in the music industry are Craig David, Chris Brown, Ne-Yo, Justin Timberlake and even Usher, whom got Justin to sign a record deal alongside Scooter Braun who watched all of Bieber's home videos. After then, he released his first single which is "One Time" while at the same time recording the debut album. The story of "One Time" is all about puppy love and sooner or later, the song gained major success not only in the US and Canada but in the International Market as well. His debut album "My World" is probably his most popular album because it went platinum in just a matter of three months after it was released.

His favorite colors are purple and blue. Aside from his great talent, he also gained a lot of fame because of his hair style. His very trendy signature hair style has its own name like The Swoop, The Fringe, The Shag and some call it The Bieber. Teenage boys around the world got inspired by his hair style that they are willing to spend $150 just to achieve The Bieber hair cut.

Some other Justin Bieber facts includes his favorite meal which is spaghetti with meat balls, and when you want him to sing for a birthday party, it would cost you $2000 to $8000 per hour. On Facebook, this teenage pop star gain an average of 207, 788 fans every week and gets about 60 mentions per second on Twitter whether or not he's online tweeting. If he is tweeting, it will only take less than 30 seconds for his tweets to be re-tweeted 100+ times. Justin Bieber is considered to be the most searched individual on the Internet.